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Becoming an expert

At Codamake we’ve defined a standard to test knowledge, skills and mental models that our Automation Experts require. A hard and rigorous test is the starting point of a new trajectory of growth for these talented individuals.

Skills and knowledge for Automation Experts:

Process Analysis

Automation Testing


Reliability Assurance


Developing Automations


Failover and Backup

Automation for Management

Process Design

More than 50% of our experts build ventures that are changing the world.

How to register

In a few easy steps you'll be guided through the training and testing process. Registration is simple, it takes just a 5 minutes to get started.

  1. Register for the Experts test here.

  2. Our team will reach out to guide you with learning resources

  3. You will receive a unique test code by email to start the test

About the test

The test is taken in 2 parts. The two tests combine determine the total score.

Learn more about the test and scoring system used to determine certification by Codamake.

Test and Scoring System

Training at your Company

It’s possible to schedule training and tests for employees at your company. That means they’ll follow the Codamake program and become Automation Experts. This is more intense and structured differently from our regular trainings given to teams at customers.

Learn more about the test system and scoring used to determine certification by Codamake.

Training at your company