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What is no-code/low-code?

No-code/Low-code development is a type of web development that allows non-programmers and programmers to create software with a ui, instead of writing code. We believe that technology should enable and facilitate creation, not form a barrier to entry.

Our day-to-day lives run on code: payments, fridges, car parks or commenting on social media. Programming makes all of this possible.

Most of us don't know how to write code or how computer work. Building apps, websites or automating tasks seem out of reach. But what before only experierenced developers could do, now has become accessible to more people.

No-code/low-code is removing obstacles to programming, helping more people realise their vision. Building apps or launching websites, used to be only accessible to experierenced programmers. But with the tools today more people without programming skills can do the same.

All of this leads to tremendous cost saving opportunities for organisations. That may sound great, but how do you implement automation/no-code tools in your business? How to reliably implement them including the correct security measures?

Enter Codamake

The benefits are potentially great, but you want to get up speed faster.
You want to find tasks to automate, have your team trained and calculate the ROI.
That's where Codamake can help.