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Security Assessment

When multiple people on your team are utilising various apps, you want to be sure security protocols are implemented. You want to catch any risks and open holes in the security posture of your organisation, as it comes to using no-code tools.

This security assessment helps with that. During a week we will:

  1. analyse the process of automation followed by team members
  2. help verify access rights in each tool
  3. trace access logs and other security information
  4. summarise the findings
  5. identify where security configuration overly limits performance

Sometimes we find that team members have too limited access and can't deliver on their tasks. Carefully granting specific access rights where there is trust and protocols can help team members perform better while maintaining your security posture.

The outcome is a security report that gives you action items to adjust your security strategy. Including:

  1. new scopes of access recommendations
  2. where to silo data to lower risks
  3. potential holes for data leaks that can be closed


The Automation Security Assessment is delivered in a standardised format which follows our comprehensive checklist. This ensures you get answers on each point and we don’t miss out on important details.


1 Week


Information accessed to deliver this services falls under our Non-Disclosure Agreement with you. Please see our Terms of Service for more detail.

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