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The latest developments in enterprise process automation and data.

Improved pricing and plans

March 28st, 2023. Singapore

To make automation accessible to more companies we have lowered our pricing to S$ 1500 and S$ 3000 / month. Because of process optimisations we're able to deliver tailored automation and data analytics apps faster with more precision. That lowers the time spent on fixing bugs by eliminating them earlier in our process.

New Training and Testing Programme for Automation Experts

February 1st, 2023. Singapore

To build and refresh automation skills in the workforce we have introduced a new Automation Experts training programme. Individuals will get up-to-date training resources to absorb the latest methodologies.Our digital and in-person test are designed to verify broad understanding of automation in of business processes, and to verify skills and knowledge with automation implementation in practice. We have welcomed our first 5 trainees this month to get their certification.