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Your team doesn't have time or skills yet to build automations.


Codamake builds automations with no-code for you. We consult with your team to analyse processes to find manual repetitive tasks in for example ERP data entry, ordering, sales to production and invoicing.

Based on that we build automations to solve those problems. You take ownership of the automations and unlike traditional software, you get full visibility into how they work and how they're built.

We can continue to help adapt and change the automations to improve them based on new information or changing needs.


Processes that were previously manual or not on computers now are, and produce data that give you detailed insights into timing, errors and cost.

With data about processes you can start to optimise and move your business faster.

Previously manual processes are now automated, meaning they can run 24/7 and without mistakes that are common with manual work.

Your expertise and knowledge can be built into automated processes across various markets.

Use Cases

  1. Create an order form for customers or internal staff that directly creates the correct entry into your ERP. Never make mistakes with incorrect invoices or quotations.

  2. For inter-department requests, build mobile friendly forms that immediately run a check on availabilty of resources.

  3. Send out alerts to phone numbers or email when certain metrics about your production breach thresholds.


Because these no-code automations are fast to build, it's easy to adapt them to changing needs. Starting from scratch is now a feasible option because there's little to no sunken-cost.


Most automations can be set up in a week. That is faster than the alternative where software agencies usually take at least 3 months.

Automations can be iterated and improved daily where adjustments are needed. Based on feedback and analysis.


One automation costs between 500 to 1000 USD. In comparison, most software development starts at 5000 USD.

Monthly maintenance of automations starts at 100 USD per 10 / automations.

We help you pick the right no-code automation tools. Most start at 30 USD / month.

The total cost of ownership is signficantly lower compared to tech salaries which are median around 5000 to 8000 USD / month.


Information accessed to deliver this services falls under our Non-Disclosure Agreement with you. Automations delivered are owned by you and can be used as you wish. Please see our Terms of Service for more detail.

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