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Grow new tech skills in-house.

Codamake helps teams build apps and automate work, faster and at a lower cost with no-code.

I want automation but it’s too costly to work with software developers.

Defining requirements takes time and making changes is burdensome.

That’s why I look for no-code tools. To automate faster and at a lower cost.

What tool do I use? How do I train my team? How do I measure results? Is my organisation ready? What standards to follow?


"The Future of Automation for businesses."

"Multidisciplinary talent needed as Singapore develops world's largest automated port."

"Businesses are just scratching the surface of automation."

The Codamake team has helped numerous local and global brands launch no-code solutions since 2019.

Automation Tools.

Common no-code tools implemented by organisations that can help yours. As experts in automation we can help select the right one for you.

Explore all no-code tools

You want to be sure your team can optimise processes on their own…

… and build automation skills to grow together.

Industries and Use Cases





Manufacturer automates order-to-production.

Paper forms and emails were the norm to get from order to production. After analysing all the steps it was possible to use a no-code tool to automate to process.

Ecommerce startup introduces tailored orders.

Custom preferences used to be manually copied and sent to the production team. Now this startup uses no-code automation to draft their specifications based on customer orders.


Get started in no-time with no-code automation.


Get business processes audited to calculate cost and automation potential. Receive a management report with action items and insights.

2 Days

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Get your team trained on automation and receive a Automation Test Certificate for each member.

1 - 2 Hours

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Management Report

Get cost/benefit and ROI analysis. We also uncover any security and reliability issues.
Receive a Management Report to take a calculated decision about your next move.

5 Days

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Security Assessment

Get testing and review to identify reliability and security vurlunabilities. Receive a report with identified points and action items.

2 Days

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Ask questions and get help with using no-code tools and data, 9 to 5pm. Useful for transition periods after adopting no-code.


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Setup + Training

Get tools configured and training in one go.

2 - 4 hours

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Get started with automation.

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Complete the Codamake test to become a certified Automation Expert. Be part a team that helps people save valuable resources and makes organisations thrive.

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About Codamake.

Founded in Singapore 2019, our mission is to spread knowledge and adoption of automation to more people. Codamake is part of the Apance group, an internet and automation software company.

107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105

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