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"Build me an app that ... "

“…helps field engineers submit test reports”

“…automates our production planning”

“…leverages AI to make our support chat friendlier”

“… helps employees submit and track expenses”

Defining requirements is now easier with AI + Experts

Describe to us the app you need, in a way that feels natural to you.

70% lower cost compared to traditional development.

Secured on Google’s proven global cloud infrastructure.

Use Cases

Generate Business Reports

Client Portal

Production Tracking

Capture Data

Automate Workflows

Reduce Errors

Analyse Performance


SMS/Email Notifications


Secure Access

Custom Domains

Data Backup

Barcode Scanning

Sync app data with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

Integrate seamlessly into your current workflows.



$1500 / month

✔ 1 app

✔ Unlimited Changes

✔ Monthly backup

✔ 1 editors

✔ 50 app users

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$3000 / month

✔ 2 apps

✔ Unlimited Changes

✔ Weekly backup

✔ Database Sync

✔ 5 editors

✔ 100 app users

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$5000 / month

✔ 5 apps

✔ Unlimited Changes

✔ Process Analysis

✔ Daily backup

✔ 10 editors

✔ 1000 app users

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✔ 10+ apps

✔ Management Reports

✔ Single Sign on

✔ Custom integrations

Adapt systems to your needs

Request any updates or changes to your apps. Our service is optimised to adapt apps to your needs, instead of the other way. Don’t get stuck with limited requirements or unfinished apps.

Move fast

Tailored custom apps for your business built in days, not months. Our new Expert + AI powered tech enables apps to be built faster. This enables your business to make strategic moves when opportunities are fresh.

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About Codamake.

Codamake is a model for describing systems in natural language by Apance.

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